Method And Goals

Method and Goals

The workshop is designed to evoke the professional concept development of a character and a key scene for a major film. The character must be fully developed to be presented to a film art director.

To be explored: costume, accessories, weapons and armour as well as anatomy, personal characteristics and movement. The concept should be pushed until it is deemed good to go: to be handed off to either prosthetics, costume or digital modelers.

The choice of a companion, vehicle or mount is designed to provide not only additional context, but to establish a relationship between the two. The companion may be human or a creature, the option of a vehicle is to provide the opportunity to explore industrial or science fiction concepts, the mount to allow exploration of a more traditional or mythological framework. The choice of subject is at the discretion of each participant.

The placing of the two concepts in a 2:35 cinemascope format is designed to provide the opportunity to explore the context of the world and the culture of each as well as provide and exciting and intriguing film frame.

The 2:35 format is particularly well suited to exploring linear and atmospheric perspective, narrative structure, dynamic composition, integrating landscape as a storytelling element, determining internal pictorial logic as well as explicit and implicit narrative. Will also be touched upon: the discernment, choice and uses of documentation, history of art and architecture, costume, weapons, armour, as well as futuristic or technological fiction (sci-fi, steampunk, post-modern or dystopian). 

The choice of technique is at the discretion of each participant: traditional, digital or a combination of both. Sketches may be done in black and white or colour.

Final art must be colour.